The “E” in IDEAL

“E” is for Economics – all of the numbers in your business. Prices, costs, expenses, size of market, potential sales, number of repeats, number of returns, demand … anything that relates to your business’s products and services. You should know your numbers, particularly what it costs you to be in business. Too many business owners I’ve read or heard about, are former owners because they didn’t realize the size of some of their numbers.

As a business owner, you should not delegate the knowledge of these numbers to someone else, like your accountant or your marketing director. You should know where you stand.

The “E” also includes economics from the customer perspective, too. What’s the value to the customer, to buy your products or services? What’s the magnitude of financial benefit your products bring to your customer, in terms of saving time, saving money, or some other measure?


What are your thoughts?

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