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May 19, 2014

Getting Fired a Favor?

I’ve been fired a couple of times during my past corporate career, and though I say so myself, it wasn’t because I messed up or didn’t do my job. What I could have done better is to see the change of the political tides earlier, and understand how that would affect me independent of how well I was performing. Back then, I just assumed that doing a great job would be all that counted.

Here’s an article from Fast Company that covers 5 people who felt that when they got fired, it was a blessing. I’d have to agree with their general sentiment, because I found afterward that the circumstances I was in wasn’t matching what I considered to be the right situation. So getting shown the door put me on the path to a better destination each time.

It feels lousy to get fired, but if it happens to you, and as long as you didn’t create the reason to fire you, be sure to listen to the signal for a new direction.

June 7, 2011

Bringing Mom to Your Job Interview?

It’s the end of another academic school year. During this time I seem to get more questions from my college student audience, and from readers of my last book “Dive Into ACTION! For Recent Graduates – Don’t Be A Part of the Pack, Be Apart From the Pack”. The economy is stuttering, jobs may have hit a hiccup, and another crop of graduates is in the market looking for jobs.

In the midst of all this, I came across an article discussing “helicopter parents” who get too involved with their kids’ job hunts. I had to shake my head, but you decide after reading this article from Fortune on the CNN Money site.

College grads, when you look for jobs, be sure to leave Mom or Dad at home!