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March 18, 2011

The “D” in IDEAL

“D” represents “Differentiation”, in the IDEAL business model. Whatever you’re offering, whether they’re tangible products or services, needs to be different from whatever your competitors are offering. If you offer things that are largely the same, or what we call “me too” products, potential customers would more likely stick with competitors who have been around longer and who already have a track record.

Of course, if the competitor’s track record is a lousy one, you could offer the same offering and perhaps get away with it. But even then, since you’re an untested supplier of that product or service, you run the risk of the customer thinking that you might be no different than the lousy competitor.

So make something different: your offering needs to allow the customer to be better, faster, more productive, more relaxed, prettier, younger, stronger, slimmer, smarter, funnier, or whatever, than your competitors can do. Without this differentiation (the “D”), you’ll be viewed the same as the others, with no compelling reason to give you a try.