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November 9, 2011

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

It’s getting to be more and more common, especially with all the “networking” events that go on … people saying things like “Let’s get together sometime”, or “Call me, let’s get together”, or “I’ll call you next week to set a time”, or “Shoot me an email, and we’ll have a cup of coffee”. Then what happens? Nothing. No call, no reply to your voicemail, no response to your email.

So why do these folks say things like that? I think in today’s culture, people subconsciously think those phrases I just mentioned above are another way of saying “Nice meeting you.” Well, if they meant “nice meeting you”, they should say “nice meeting you.”

Don’t fall into this trap. If you meet someone new, and realize that you have no interest in ever seeing this person again, don’t say “Let’s get together sometime.” It doesn’t mean you have to say, “Have a nice life”, either. Just be honest. Something like “Nice talking with you — good luck!” will work just fine.

Say what you mean. And mean what you say.

June 17, 2011

From the “Are You Certain?” File

There’s a new study out, the results of which were reported in this article on Time Magazine’s website It seems that researchers in Australia have concluded that if you’re on an airplane and another passenger has the flu, the closer you sit to that person, the greater the chances of you catching the flu.

And I’m presuming these guys were paid to perform this study … Have a great weekend!