Advice That’s Not Cheesy

Interesting article that appeared recently on, about an interview by Dinah Eng with the founder of Cheesecake Factory, David Overton. He took the wholesale business that his parents started in the 1970’s and turned it into the billion-dollar chain that it is today.

Overton’s 3 main points:

  1. Focus on people — you have to give your people the tools to excel, including investing in training for your team.
  2. You can’t try to control everything yourself. He focused on the things that would make them successful.
  3. Make the formula hard to copy — their restaurant menu is very broad and deep, making it hard for other restaurants to try doing the same thing.

A great article — give it a quick read! I think today being Cinco de Mayo, made me think about food…


What are your thoughts?

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